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Biotech USA Zero Bar

49,90 CHF

WE Beat THE PRICES and you can't find better in Switzerland!

40% Protein*, 0% Added Sugar,

100% Pleasure

20g protein per bar* in many delicious flavours.

Protein bar with a high protein content, without added sugar or aspartame, lactose- and gluten-free, with sweeteners.

The Production of Native Whey Isolate

Performance starts with the basic ingredients.

BioTechUSA Native Whey Isolate is produced of freshly collected (after pasteurization) milk. The micro- and ultrafiltering process is carried out exclusively at low temperature. After all unnecessary components are excluded, the product is pulverised in special drying ovens. Thanks to this unique procedure the protein structure is preserved in its fullest form, and it remains rich in immunoglobulin (antibodies) and lactoferrin (which is part of the immune system). The product is also free from antibiotics, chemicals and other contaminants.

Why should you consume it?

It is an excellent and delicious source of protein available at any time, in any situation.

Perfect choice after physical exercise, if you want a delicious and highquality protein bar.

Zero Bar is an excellent choice for delicious protein intake even during diet.

It is a healthy snack without added sugar.

The product is gluten-free, so it’s also recommended to those sensitive to gluten.

Superb choice if you are lactose intolerant.

Biotech USA Zero Bar cc