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Peak Collagen Pro, 540 g

39,90 CHF

  • Wit bio-active collagen peptides

  • It protects the joints (FORTIGEL®)

  • Protection of the ligaments (TENDOFORTE®)

  • Helps to improve the Body Fat Percentage (BODYBALANCE®)

  • With added vitamin C

  • Great solubility

Peak Collagen Pro - Why does it give you more than other collagen?

Collagen Pro from the "Peak Active" line in Germany can honestly be called the next generation of collagen. Unlike conventional collagen hydrolyzate, the mode of action of the product is based on the improved BIOACTIVE KOLLAGENPEPTIDE®. These bioactive peptides are obtained from collagen hydrolyzate by enzymatic means (using enzymatic cleavage), thus allowing perfect utilization and targeted stimulation of specific tissue and cell types.

Collagen Pro helps your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments to adapt optimally to the needs of your workout and everyday environment. Collagen helps maintain a flexible yet stable body structure, which is essential for long-term injury prevention.

Due to their special nature, Collagen Pro's bioactive peptides are able to directly support selected muscle, joint, tendon structures by delivering important building blocks for the construction and maintenance of these tissues and stimulating specific cells.

Are you interested in getting to know how to reduce joint problems and body fat?

Collagen Pro is characterized by an innovative combination of BODYBALANCE®, FORTIGEL® and TENDOFORTE® raw materials. These BIOACTIVE COLLAGEN PEPTIDE® preparations work in separate places:

- in muscle tissues (BODYBALANCE® - bioactive collagen peptides that help reduce the percentage of body fat, build and maintain lean muscle mass.)

- in the joints and cartilage (FORTIGEL® .- special bioactive collagen peptides valuable for cartilage and joints, able to integrate and nourish cartilage)

- in tendons and ligaments (TENDOFORTE® - a bioactive collagen peptide capable of strengthening tendons and ligaments, which helps to reduce injuries or accelerate healing)

It has been developed for TARGETED use - that is, to specifically help stimulate and regenerate these tissue types.

Do men need collagen?

There is a general misconception that collagen is only for women. This is quite far from reality, as collagen is equally beneficial for women and men.

Collagen is one of the most basic BODY PROTECTORS and REGENERATORS. And joint pain is bad for EVERYONE and it doesn't know gender…

Collagen as a joint protector: it also helps to regenerate cartilage?

Healthy articular cartilage is made up of cartilage cells that are covered with synovial fluid (water, collagen). Collagen is a connective tissue in which cartilage cells are located. Their water-binding ability ensures the elasticity of the cartilage, protects the joint against inflammation.

Cartilage can regenerate. Cartilage cells are able to proliferate, producing collagen. If the nutrients needed for cartilage regeneration are not present in adequate amounts, tissue strength will be reduced.

Athletes who had joint pain and received collagen supplementation for 24 weeks the pain had reduced or disappeared.

The use of collagen can, therefore, help the health of the joints by strengthening cartilage and joints, reducing joint pain. You don’t have to live with pain and take medication!

If you run regularly, you work out or do any heavy strain on your joints, don’t feel sorry for yourself with this natural joint protector - pain relief will be more expensive and it takes longer!

How Does Collagen Help You When You Exercise?

It is made up of collagen protein. High protein diets are the most effective for building and maintaining muscle. Being a protein, collagen can be included in total protein intake, thus having a positive effect on maintaining and developing muscle mass - especially in the elderly.

Studies have shown that after 2-3 months of taking, athletes noticed that their bodies became “more toned” without making any significant changes to their workout plan or diet.

Most professional athletes agree that the type of collagen you need to drink is extremely effective in regenerating, eliminating muscle weakness.

What should you pay attention to when taking collagen?

Vitamin C is important for the body’s own collagen production. Vitamin C intake is a must - Peak Collagen Pro, therefore, contains added vitamin C.

The powder texture can be easily mixed with your favourite protein smoothie, tea, or juice. The product is available in two flavours. The absolutely tasteless version is ideally combined with other products and the orange flavoured for those who want to consume it by itself.

Tip: Since muscles and joints are used most intensively during exercise, we recommend that consume collagen before the workout.


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