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Enhances Performance, Muscle Building, Pumps, Recovery & Energy!

Maximum Muscle Saturation
Increase Muscular Strength & Power
Build Muscle Mass Faster
Enhance Pumps & Cell Volumizing
Improve Muscle Endurance & Recovery

Creatine Perfected!

CRE5 Super Creatine Complex takes creatine to a whole new level of performance enhancing excellence. CRE5's advanced proprietary Super Creatine Complex (creatine monohydrate, creatine-HCl, Creatine Magnapower®, creatine alpha-ketoglutarate and creatine alpha-amino butyrate) is designed for optimal creatine absorption and saturation. When athletes saturate their muscles with creatine supplementation, they experience increased strength, power, muscle cell volume and increased muscle mass. CRE5's enhanced absorption will allow you to experience the full muscle building, strength, recovery and other performance benefits of creatine supplementation. In fact, CRE5 is so effective, no creatine loading is necessary.

What makes CRE5 even more effective is that it contains novel ingredients bound to creatine that not only enhance creatine absorption, they also offer unique performance enhancing benefits apart from creatine itself. These additional benefits include enhanced blood volume and pumps, plus improved pH regulation for increased endurance, resulting in superior exercise performance and muscle building.

Not all creatine supplements are created equal. if you want to increase your muscular size, strength and power faster, it's time to upgrade your creatine to MHP's CRE5 Super Creatine Complex.


Directions: Mix 1 scoop of CRE5 with 6-8 fl oz of water. Take 1 serving daily. On training days, take either pre-workout or post-workout. No loading necessary.

MHP CRE5, 60 servings